How to Root your HTC G1 “Dream”

Hello All, As always we are not responsible for any damage or problem that results from fallowing this tutorial. I am going to teach you today how to root your HTC G1. If you have other phone, please refer to the “How to root” for the specific phone. There are several ways to root the HTC G1, some are complicated, and require from you to install the android developer kit from Google, and to type commands from the Command windows. How to do the rooting with the Android developer kit is explained in another tutorial I prefer a simpler a much secure method of rooting the HTC G1. Before we start, if you already rooted the phone, you need to un-rooted before you start the steps below. (Go to “How to un-root my HTC G1″ tutorial) First Step – Make SD Card Application Available
  1. Goto Settings > Applications  > and make sure Unknown sources is checked ON.
Second Step – Downloading the application In order to root your HTC G1 “Dream”, and also do I nice backup we will need to download two applications: 1 – The recovery Image (There are two version) 2 – Downloading the following application 3 – Copy the two files to the root directory in your phone SD card. 4 – Go to the market and download and install any of the file manager applications you can find. 5 – With the file manager, go to the root of your SD card, and click on the flashrec.apk you downloaded before (This should install the flashrec program into your phone) (If you have a problem installing the application from the SD card, go to Settings–>Application–>Unknown Sources, turn on this option, it will enable the option to install programs from the SD card). 6 – Open the FlashRec program and click on Backup Recovery Image and wait for it to finish. 7 – Once done, click on the empty text box in the FlashRec program and type: “/sdcard/recovery.img” you downloaded to the SD card. 8 – Then click on the Flash Custom Recovery Image button and wait for it to finish. Third Step – Entering recovery mode 1 -To enter recovery mode, you will need to Turn Off your phone, and turn it on again by holding the “Home + Power” for several seconds. You will enter a screen with green letter and a black background If you see the screen above, this means that you completed successfully the first step to root your phone. The next step will be to make a Nandroid Backup” for recovery, and then install a “custom ROM” of your choice. Fourth Step – How to load a new “Radio & SPL” to your G1 To continue please go to the “How to load a new “Radio and SPL” to your G1.