How to Load a Rom with Fastboot

As always, we are not responsible for any damaged or problem that can be caused by fallowing this tutorial. Before we start: Before we start we need to have the Fastboot installed (“Check this tutorial“). You need to have the Rom, Recovery, SPL, and Radio that can work together. The most important is that the “Radio + SPL” are compatible. (If Radio and SPL are not compatible your phone will be bricked, and there is now way back!!!). Let’s Start:
  1. Copy the files into the same folder you have the “Fastboot” program.
  2. Turn-on your phone by pressing “Power + Back” for several seconds, you should get the “Fastboot” Screen.
  3. Connect the USB of the phone to the PC. (The screen should change from “Fastboot” to “Fastboot USB”.
  4. Open a CMD Window in your PC, and go to the directory where you have the “Fastboot” and the files you want to load into the phone.
  5. Now enter the command as fallows (If you don’t need to upgrade Radio + SPL skip this step)
    • Fastboot flash radio [Radio_Filename.img]
    • Fastboot flash hboot [spl_Filename.img]
  6. If you don’t need to update recovery, skip this step
    • Fastboot flash recovery [Recovery_Filename.img]
  7. Now let’s load the new ROM
    • Fastboot erase system [–w is you want to wipe user data also]
    • Fastboot update [] [–w if you want to erase user data also]
  8. Another way wipe data (It should be written in the page you downloaded the Custom Rom you want to load)
    • Fastboot erase userdata
  9. Reboot the phone
    • Fastboot reboot
That’s it; you have a new Rom in your phone. Any Question, problem or Remark, please comment.